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Kids, please understand how wonderful you all are. It breaks our hearts to not be able to cast every single one of you. Please continue to audition, but know that not every part will not be right for you every time you take the stage for a new opportunity. Disappointment is a part of life, but how you use that disappointment is what makes some stand out among others - you have to use it to try even harder and become even better. 


Please, if you did not get cast, please consider signing up for one of our crews when those list go up.


Delilah Strict- Nadia Belaouchi |     Eddie- Conner Jansen


Jonny Warner- James Baker     |     Toffee- Reagan Johnson

Jake- Cody Davis                       |     Candy- Jasmine Rodgers

Joey- Conner Adams                 |     Coco-Lydia Slevin

Josh- Pantelis Karastamatis     |     Ginger-Madyson Wells


Ramona Merengue/Student - Kaci Doss

Toffee's Mother/Sheila (Secretary) - Michlyn Langlois

Toffee's Father/Student- Kholbie Thornton

Stage Mgr./Secretary/Student - Dalia Batuuka

Copy Boy/Student - Trace Vaughn

Copy Boy/Student - Daniel Ojo

Secretary/Student- Chinai Adams

Secretary/Student - Alexie Tolo

Secretary/Student - Taryn Puckett

Secretary/Student - Victory Nwabufo

Student-Arely Gonzalez

Student-Alexis Callegari

Student-Alyssa Sepulveda

Student-Allana Daniels

Featured Dancer/Student/Secretary- Allison Millwee

Featured Dancer/Student/Secretary- Malorie LaMagna

Featured Dancer/Student/Secretary- Bobbie Dobbesh



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  • Text Message - @ahszp

  • To - 240-252-4617


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Stage Manager: Emily Frazee

Assistant Stage Managers: Amenah Awawdeh & Samantha Salib

Assistant Director: Benjamin Blumrick

Technical Director: Haley Kittinger

Floor Crew Head: Kirtana Jasti

Costumes: Allison Millwee & Kaci Doss

Choreographers: Malorie LaMagna, Bobbie Dobesh, Alex Paul

Props Master: Victoria Wolan



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