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Theatre Courses

Theatre courses are performance-centered, participatory theatre studies. The first level (Theatre Arts I and Technical Theatre I) are survey courses introducing theatre activities, technical applications, acting processes, and live performance. 


Upper-level theatre courses cover a wide range of theatre elements to include:

Stage Elements, Stage Properties, Crew Assignments, Dramatic Structure, Theatre Appreciation, Acting Styles, Performance Auditioning, Problem Solving, Scene Design, Dramaturgy, Makeup Application, Costume Design, Publicity/Public Relations, Sound Design, Light Design, Script Analysis, Movement, Stage Management, and much more!  Please note that Production class students must participate in every TAP Production, either through acting or by participating on a crew.



Theatre Arts I

Theatre Arts II and III*


Technical Theatre I

Technical Theatre II*

Technical Theatre III*

Technical Theatre IV*


Theatre Production I*

Theatre Production II *

Theatre Production III *

Theatre Production IV*

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