Our Goal

At Stephen F. Austin, we have a passion for theatre and all that comes with it. From our sets, to our lights, to our acting, we continually push the limits, and give each performance our all, and it shows in our productions. 

      "Our goal is to inspire through art and showcase the magic that is theatre."

Our Motto

"I am a student of theatre, and excellence is my ideal"

Our Mission

Here at the Stephen F. Austin Playhouse, we pride ourselves on being a theatre in a high school, not a high school theatre. Our mission to to bring excellence in the form of theatre. We aim not not only entertain our student body, but our community as a whole.

In the News

The Austin Playhouse

Stephen F. Austin High School,

Fort Bend ISD

3434 Pheasant Creek Drive

Sugar Land, Texas 77498

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Directors:  Andrew Russell and Kendrick Brown

Principal: Dr. Rizvan Quadri

Fine Arts Coordinator of Theatre & Dance: 

Director of Fine Arts: Jim Drew

Superintendent: Dr. Charles Dupre

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