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Audience Etiquette

The 10 Commandments of Theater Etiquette

1. Thou shall not text OR post during performances.
Make sure all your electronic devices that beep, hum, ring or flash are turned off. Most shows do not allow photography or other recording. That glow as you text or post is annoying to those around you. 

2. Thou shall not talk during performances.
Save the conversation for intermission or afterward. If you think your whispering can't be heard, you're wrong.

3. Thou shall not come late or leave early.
Yes, parking lots get busy and traffic sometimes can be tricky, but arriving late or leaving while the show is in progress is discourteous and disruptive. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the show starts to avoid problems.

4. Thou shall not unwrap your candies or cough drops mid-show.
Unwrap all candies and cough drops before the show begins. No matter how S L O W L Y you unwrap it, you still make noise; it just lasts longer.

5. Thou shall not be disruptive.
Unless instructed to do so by the performers - do not hum, sing along, or beat time with a body part.

6. Thou shall not overdose on fragrance.
Go easy with the atomizer; many people are highly allergic to perfume and cologne.

7. Thou shall not get passionate (except about the show).
Note to lovebirds: Save it for later. No one really wants to watch your public displays of affection.

8. Thou shall not bring lunch or dinner.

9. Thou shall not forage.
Wait for intermission before rifling through a purse, backpack or bag. Unwrap your candy or cough drop before the show starts.

10. Thou shall not treat others worse than you’d like to be treated.
The Golden Rule. Good behavior and courtesy have not changed. Manners count everywhere.

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